Home Learning Resources


There are so many fun and simple art activities which you can explore at home.

Story massage

Story Massage is a method of story-telling using both words and touch and provides a relaxing and engaging way of telling stories to your child.

Music Online Resources

Musical activities are very engaging for a lot of our pupils and are a great way of engaging them with learning in a range of contexts.


Our wonderful music teacher Geoffa creates lots of fun, interactive songs to promote engagement with creating music and rhythms.


Meditation or relaxation activities are a great way of connecting to a range of senses and providing time for your child to calm and focus on a shared activity.


Yoga is an excellent activity for increasing body awareness, supporting emotional and sensory regulation and increasing focus.

Sensory Messy Play At Home

Sensory messy play is a great way for children to practice their fine motor skills and learn how to use tools.


Mark-making is a term used to describe pre-writing activities which encourage children to take notice of the marks they are making and start to experiment with a range of different marks and materials.

Fascination Fridays

Here is a selection of videos which show you how to take part in some fun and fascinating experiments and explorations at home!

Sensory Stories

Sensory stories are a more interactive way of engaging with storytelling and allow your child to be immersed in the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of a story!

Drama Games and Songs

Singing and drama games are a great way of developing attention and listening skills.

Cooking Skills

Cooking is an important life skill, and also a great way of practising fine motor tasks, following instructions, sequencing and following safety rules.

Bucket Time

Bucket time is part of the Attention Autism approach created by Gina Davies, with the aim of developing children’s shared attention skills in a group setting.

Maths Stories

Maths stories are a fun and engaging way of exploring maths concepts through role play.