Musical activities are very engaging for a lot of our pupils and are a great way of engaging them with learning in a range of contexts. Here are a few of our favorite online and app-based musical learning activities.

Free online resources:
  • Ian Bean’s website has lots of free to download ICT activities covering a range of topics. The cause and effect games with music are a great way of engaging children who are just learning about how to control a touch screen or switches. They have a musical reward each time the child presses the button correctly.
  • A range of fun and simple musical apps for cause and effect, creating beats and exploring a range of instrumental sounds online.
  • Make the balls bounce by making noise. They go still when you are quiet. Good for loud and quiet exploration or just practicing vocalising to make the balls move.
  • Magic piano app (find it in the google play or app store) Press the dots to play along with a piece of music. Good for basic cause and effect.
Paid for apps: (find them in the google play or app store)
  • Kapu Bloom Tunes app. Draw on the petals of a flower, listening to the sounds it makes, then water the flower to watch it grow, and play the sounds in your drawing by spinning the flowers.
  • Duckie Deck Homemade Orchestra app. Make sound with a range of everyday objects eg keys, doorbell. Create your own compositions and explore sounds around the environment.
  • Loopimal app. Create a looping beat by dragging the shapes onto the track. The animals make different shapes for each sound.
  • Talking Carl and Gugl app. Fun and silly app which listens to what you say or sings and repeats it back in a silly voice… hours of fun!