There are so many fun and simple art activities which you can explore at home.

Story massage

Story Massage is a method of story-telling using both words and touch and provides a relaxing and engaging way of telling stories to your child.

Music Online Resources

Musical activities are very engaging for a lot of our pupils and are a great way of engaging them with learning in a range of contexts.


Our wonderful music teacher Geoffa creates lots of fun, interactive songs to promote engagement with creating music and rhythms.


Meditation or relaxation activities are a great way of connecting to a range of senses and providing time for your child to calm and focus on a shared activity.


Yoga is an excellent activity for increasing body awareness, supporting emotional and sensory regulation and increasing focus.

Sensory Messy Play At Home

Sensory messy play is a great way for children to practice their fine motor skills and learn how to use tools.


Mark-making is a term used to describe pre-writing activities which encourage children to take notice of the marks they are making and start to experiment with a range of different marks and materials.

Fascination Fridays

Here is a selection of videos which show you how to take part in some fun and fascinating experiments and explorations at home!