Yoga is an excellent activity for increasing body awareness, supporting emotional and sensory regulation and increasing focus. At school, we use regular yoga sessions combined with calming relaxation and these sessions take place during PE and PSED lessons. At home, try using yoga as a way to wake up the body in the morning or to stretch and calm ready for bed in the evening.

It is often a good idea to follow a set yoga routine so that your child can learn the positions and actions and become more confident in moving their body purposefully and calmly. It is best if you join in and model the correct positions so that they can see the movements their body should be making. It is a great activity for the whole family!

Here is our movement teacher Nicola with some yoga sessions which can be adapted to a range of needs:

Below are two yoga stories which we often use in school. The story element helps to give your child an easy to remember structure to follow.