Sensory stories are a more interactive way of engaging with storytelling and allow your child to be immersed in the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of a story! In school, we repeat the same story several times before moving on to a new story, in order to allow the children to become familiar with the sequence of actions and experiences. This allows them to become more confident in taking part in the story, and over time, they may even be able to remember what happens next and to lead the telling of some parts of the story!

Here are a few stories we have put together which can be told using everyday items that you may have around the home. It is a good idea to collect the props and listen to the story yourself before telling it to your child. 

Allow plenty of time to pause in the story to allow your child time to process and respond, as well as explore the different sensory experiences. They may start to request ‘more’ of their favourite sensory items and some children will be able to comment on the things they are experiencing using simple descriptions.

For other story telling resources, take a look at our maths sensory stories and story massage videos.

Anansi and the pot of wisdom
A walk around Peckham