What are the arrangements for supporting and preparing children in moving between phases of education?

When pupils start at the school, the class teacher and a member of the senior leadership team will complete a home visit to get to know the child in more detail and learn from the family about how best to support them. There will also be at least two opportunities for the child to spend time in Cherry Garden with their parent/carer to familiarise themselves with the team and the school environment. Detailed handover meetings are held with the child’s current setting (if they are in an education provision at the time), and a book of pictures and information about the school is sent home so that the family can look at this together.
Parents are encouraged to visit secondary settings when their child is in Year 5. There are three secondary special needs’ schools that the majority of our pupils transfer to, and each school has particular criteria for admittance. Parents’ preferences are always given a high priority when choosing their secondary school in Southwark.
We work closely with secondary special schools in the borough to ensure a smooth transfer for the child. Children visit their new school in the summer term, and receive visits back from their new teachers. A transfer review is held in July for the adults involved to discuss the finer details of the child’s transition.

Please see: Admissions policy