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ICT Resources

Here are some resources that you may wish to purchase to enhance sensory play at school or at home.  

Sound to Light 

The following items produce light in response to sound.  They are particularly effective in a darkened room and are great for learning cause and effect, as well as encouraging verbal communication: (click the image to link to site)

Sound to Light Wire balls - £9.99 (Maplin)

Strobe bar - £12.60 (Amazon)

Music and Light

These devices connect to a phone/iPod/Ipad to play music, either via Bluetooth or through an audio cable.


Ion party Starter (lights flash to the beat of the music - also works as a standalone light projector) - £29 (Amazon)

Try placing your party starter in a white laundry basket in a darkened room like the one below:

£2.70 - Amazon

These Wowee speakers use vibrations to enhance music.  They can be held against the back of a chair or placed on a table so that a child can feel the music as well as hear it.

£34.95 - Amazon

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