Cherry Garden School41 Bellenden Road, London, SE15 5BB

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Our Vision & Aims


We aim to become a centre of excellence by:

- Providing a learning environment that is professional and caring, encouraging continuous improvement for all, including schools in partnership with us and the local community, thereby promoting positive attitudes;

- Providing children with an appropriate curriculum that has communication at the forefront and that:

 * enables all children to achieve their individual potential;

 * raises self confidence;

 * provides learning experiences which are child-centred, stimulating, challenging and enjoyable;

- Providing a professional and caring learning environment which:

 * is calm and welcoming;

 * is safe and secure, and adapted to meet individual needs;

 * promotes equality of opportunity, tolerance and respect for others;

 * promotes strong teamwork;

 * is energetic and enthusiastic;

- Encouraging continuous improvement for all by:

 * promoting the sharing of expertise in the community;

 * welcoming the community in shared experiences;

 * promoting a collaborative approach with partner schools and other agencies.

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