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Communication Language and Literacy


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Communication Development Pyramid


Looking and Listening

Children need to:

  •   Learn to focus attention on different things
  •   Develop attention skills before they can understand words and learn to talk
  •   Attend and concentrate in order to learn new skills
  •   Listen to language (hear words – attend – think)
  •   Recognise sounds of words and sentences to use themselves



How to encourage Play:

  • Play alongside
  • Give a commentary
  • Let the child lead
  • Provide toys and opportunities
  • Observe how they play and then show how to do it in a new way



Develop receptive language by:

  • Keeping language simple
  • Giving instructions in order
  • Organising and labelling the environment
  • Using visual cues
  • Using touch cues



Children need to hear words before they will use them independently.

How to encourage talking:

  • Name objects
  • Talk about what is happening
  • Give choices
  • Model extended language eg ‘more tickle’



Development of speech sounds


Adult / Child Interaction

As the communicator how we interact with the child effects the responses that we get back.

Interaction should be:

  • Respectful
  • Playful
  • Enjoyable
  • Enabling
  • Rewarding

Top tips for Adult / Child interaction:

  • Give short instructions
  • Use simple language
  • Be at their eye level or lower
  • Give time to respond
  • Take turns to speak
  • Always give a response
  • Use repetition
  • Model good language / communication



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