What specialist services and resources are available at or accessed by, Cherry Garden?

Multi-Agency Team

  • School doctor
  • School nurse
  • Educational psychologist
  • Educational welfare officer
  • All Age Disability Team (Social Care Team)
  • Occupational therapist
  • Speech & language therapist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Visual impairment advisory teacher
  • Teacher of the Deaf


• Soft play rooms
• Sensory room
• Sensory gym
• Sensory garden and adventurous outdoor areas
• Quiet group rooms for focused work
• Eye gaze computers
• Hydrotherapy pool
• Indoor and outdoor trampolines for rebound therapy
• Specialist art, music and cooking rooms

Community Links

We are proud of the numerous links we have within the very vibrant community of Peckham, and London as a whole. The school is positioned close to markets, a library, cafes and local shops. Pupils access local swimming pools, sports centres, and visit museums and art galleries. We make links with local schools, both mainstream and other specialist settings, to promote inclusion and a wider sense of community.


Cherry Garden School is fully wheelchair accessible and was designed with the needs of the pupils in mind. There are lifts, hoists, fully accessible bathrooms and hand rails throughout the school. Many of the appliances and furniture are height adjustable to accommodate pupils in wheelchairs or other specialist seating and we have a wide range of adapted equipment to support all areas of the curriculum.
We have a full-size trampoline installed into the floor of our trampoline room for Rebound Therapy, allowing much easier access for all pupils than a standard trampoline.
We use specialised minibuses which have wheelchair lifts for travel to and from regular activities and also for class trips.