What are the arrangements for handling complaints from parents?

For full details please see complaints policy

Cherry Garden School welcomes feedback about the education it provides to its pupils. This feedback may include concerns. We take your concerns very seriously and we will seek to resolve any concerns brought to our attention. It is in everyone’s interests that concerns are resolved at the earliest possible stage and it is our hope that most issues can be resolved informally.
Parents/carers are therefore encouraged to raise any concerns they have directly with their child’s teacher or an appropriate member of staff. If they remain unhappy they should make an appointment to speak to the Headteacher The Headteacher can be contacted via the school office or at admin@cherrygardenschool.co.uk. Most concerns can be addressed and resolved in this way. Occasionally a resolution is not reached or the matter is too serious to resolve in this way and the complaints policy outlines the formal procedure which should be followed.