How will I know what my child is doing at school?

Home/School communication
  • Teachers and parents use the home-school book to communicate daily
  • We have an open door policy to observe your child in school and arrange additional consultations with your class teacher if needed
  • The Tapestry assessment system allows parents to see photo and video assessments of their child’s progress throughout the year, with the ability for parents to upload their own examples from home.
Regular meetings with parents and teachers
  • Parents’ evenings in the autumn and summer terms 
  • Annual Reviews 

Parents are invited to a planning meeting six weeks after their child starts at the school. 

At this meeting, parents have the opportunity to contribute to their child’s individual education plan (IEP). A child generally has  IEP targets in all core curriculum areas, such as communication, mathematical development, physical development and personal, social & emotional development. 

Every subsequent twelve months, an annual review takes place where targets are reviewed and new targets created.

  • Six-monthly IEP reviews 

Six months after a child’s annual review, the class team and Senior Leader Team review how the child is progressing with their IEP. The review notes are then shared with parents.

External Validations 
  • Ofsted 
  • MOVE Kitemark 
  • Arts Mark 
  • Healthy Schools London Gold Award 
In-School Assessments 

Cherry Garden use ongoing formative assessment. Pupils are assessed using our own ‘Branch Map’ assessments, which were created specifically for our children’s needs and cover the full curriculum. These assessments inform teacher planning and provide summative information for staff and parents.